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Primary cooling water units and an alloy feeding device are available from UPCAST OY.


An efficient cooling water system with a closed primary circuit is an essential part of a well-operating casting line. Tailor-made primary cooling water units for all UPCAST® lines are available from UPCAST OY.

The alloy feeder is used in double-furnace lines for casting low alloyed copper (e.g. silver bearing and phosphor-deoxidized copper) products. This system doses granulated alloying elements into the launder during melt transfers. The operation is synchronized together with the automatic melt transfer function and has a feedback link guaranteeing accurate chemical analysis.

“The costs are low in both management and production. Also the power consumption is low. Any problems that occur are instantly solved and maintenance is easy.“

Mr. Do Van Trac, The Chairman and General Director, SACOM

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Our business philosophy at UPCAST OY is not to be a mere equipment supplier but also to offer support and expertise needed to make the UPCAST® line a reliable link in your production chain.