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The leading upward continuous casting technology offers you unmatched versatility. High quality of cast product, wide capacity range, easy variation of output and product mix together with unique upgradability are characteristic of every UPCAST® line whether in single- or double-furnace conguration. Now all this comes with energy efcient and environmentally sound GREENerCAST features.

Your winning formula:

The majority of delivered UPCAST® lines are for rod – both Cu-OF and alloys. The most common cast rod diameter is 8mm which is the standard size within the cable and wire industry. Rods with bigger diameters are used for manufacturing a variety of products e.g. bus-bars, trolley wires, electroplating anodes etc.

Leading edge technology combined with strong commitment to customer support provides all “UPCAST®-family” members, old and new, with unique performance.

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Ease of operation through an advanced control system.

Low production costs. Different rod and tube sizes can be cast, even simultaneously.

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Single- and Double-furnace lines


Find more information on our Single- or Double-furnace lines. You can also browse through our picture gallery and see images on the wire process.

Customer Service

Customer support

Our business philosophy at UPCAST OY is not to be a mere equipment supplier but also to offer support and expertise needed to make the UPCAST® line a reliable link in your production chain.