Mikko Vatka Customer Service Specialist

I joined UPCAST OY´s customer service team as a Customer Service Specialist in February 2022. I have previously worked at UPCAST in the project team as a project engineer. In my career, I have also worked as a commissioning engineer, commissioning supervisor, electrical engineer and electrical designer.

Joining the customer service team feels like a natural step after gaining project experience and hands-on know-how of UPCAST equipment. I am eager to learn more and expand my perspective every day.

I have genuinely enjoyed my work at UPCAST. We have a good product, a can-do attitude and a solution-oriented approach, whether it is about new projects, upgrades or after-sales services. The daily tasks are versatile and interdisciplinary, which suits me well. A typical working day includes customer and supplier communication, troubleshooting as well as supporting customers´ decision-making processes. Cooperation with other UPCAST teams is very intensive, too. 

In my free time I spend time with my family as much as possible. I might relax by doing some hands-on tasks at the garage along with the children. My own projects have recently consisted of metalworking[M1] , car diagnostics, vintage motorcycles and house maintenance. As I was born on the west coast, the seaside is also an important element for me. I enjoy spending time in our summer cottage heating up the sauna or splitting logs whenever it’s possible. 

I am proud of the long history of UPCAST technology and long-term customer relations. Customer satisfaction is our goal in all lifecycle phases of each unique UPCAST production line. Skillful workers, with years of know-how in project management, sales, sourcing, transportation, R&D, casting process and operation, are our key assets to find the optimal results for each need.”