One Stop for All Maintenance

The new UPCAST® UPtime maintenance software brings clarity for the maintaining of casting lines and transfers excel tables into history.

Janne Hosio

You can hear a peaceful satisfaction from the voice of Janne Hosio, sales manager at UPCAST. The reason behind his smile is the new maintenance software, UPCAST® UPtime, which will take the easiness of use, as well as the reliability of upward casting lines, a few steps forward.

– Until now all data about maintenance had to be looked up in manuals. Now you just open one application and find a list showing all the required measures in chronological order, he says.

The idea for the new application developed by UPCAST, together with the program design company Trackinno in Tampere, is that it is as simple as possible for the line operators to adapt and use. One can sign off the prescheduled tasks in any desired order. In addition to this, the user can pull out the drawings, manuals or instructions for the required tools in order to carry out a specific maintenance operation.

– Our target was to develop a program, which is at the same time both simple and multipurpose, Hosio describes.

If necessary, the program allows for comments or attachments, which will be forwarded to the superior. The application follows you easily on your mobile at work.

– The work can be done even by having the tablet with you with the instructions showing while carrying out the task. Or the malfunction notice can be sent right there and then.

Upcast casting line

Good maintenance indicates high quality

For superiors, there is also a desk version of the UPCAST® UPtime sw available, which is a little more versatile than the mobile application of the operators. It collects the maintenance history of the line and thus eases the quality control.

– In the program one can, for example, add repetitive measurements in certain cycles. This makes it possible to keep even better track of any measurable variables and values, which helps to evaluate the conditions of these equipment, Hosio explains.

Our target was to develop a program, which is at the same time both simple and multipurpose.

The program is compatible with all the new UPCAST® lines and with almost all the old ones, too. We have been working on it for about a year, which time will certainly reward the development team as well as UPCAST customers, Hosio believes.

– It has always been important for us at UPCAST to take care of our customers after the commissioning of the casting line. This again is one product adding the value for the customer. 

Janne Hosio
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