Our legacy – Original UPCAST®

First in upcasting

The upward continuous casting method, better known as the UPCAST® system, was originally developed within the Finnish Outokumpu Group in the late ’60s. The outcome resulted from a synthesis of innovative thinking and long production experience. The first UPCAST® production line was installed in 1971 at the group’s own facilities in Pori, Finland and is still in operation and up to date thanks to a number of modernizations. This first production line has been followed by a continuous string of others delivered worldwide, establishing UPCAST® as the undisputed market leader in its field.

As a result of Outokumpu Group’s decision to divest its copper business a new, independent company UPCAST OY was established in 2006 to carry the UPCAST® legacy into the future. UPCAST OY is the exclusive supplier of the original UPCAST® process.

It is not by chance that UPCAST® today enjoys market-leader status. It is the inevitable result of combining market and production knowledge with technical know-how. Today we at UPCAST OY still share both the innovative spirit and understanding of factory-floor realities that characterized the early UPCAST® pioneers. Leading edge technology combined with a strong commitment to customer support provides all members of the UPCAST® family, old and new, with unique performance.