Maximum versatility, minimum costs.

The majority of UPCAST® lines produce rod – both Cu-OF and alloys. Most commonly the cast rod diameter is 8mm which is the industry standard for wire and cable. Bigger diameters are cast for manufacturing a variety of products e.g. bus-bars, trolley wires, electroplating anodes etc.

UPCAST®-produced oxygen-free copper is single-phase material with a mere 1-2ppm oxygen in it. The UPCAST® process delivers the cast product directly at its final size without any hot rolling involved. This eliminates the possibility of rolling-induced inclusions and minimizes the thickness of the surface oxide layer. These factors give UPCAST® oxygen free copper rod superior ductility in addition to its excellent electrical conductivity.

UPCAST® copper rod is well-suited for all electrical applications and has become the preferred feedstock especially for fine and multi-wire drawing, where ductility requirements are most demanding and enamel wire production, where surface finish is of utmost importance.