Customer Service Support and expertise for your UPCAST® line.

UPCAST® Customer Service provides technical service, spare parts, consumables and upgrading & modernisation services to maintain your UPCAST® line´s smooth operation.

Technical Service

UPCAST® team has a deep understanding of production and maintenance related challenges and therefore we are available for assistance in any technical issues. We can help you via phone, email, remote access system or by visiting the site.

Spare Parts

UPCAST OY is the exclusive source of original UPCAST® spare parts and consumables ensuring reliable and cost-efficient operation of your casting line. We keep a good stock of spare parts and consumables available for dispatch within 24 hours and in urgent cases even within the same working day.

Upgrades and modernisation

UPCAST® lines can be expanded and updated thanks to their modular construction. Because of our continuous product development, many components can be replaced with the most recent technology. Furthermore, if you need to increase capacity or want to start using copper scrap as raw material, we can offer new furnaces. By upgrading your UPCAST® line you ensure cost-efficient future in production.

The most common casting line components for upgrading and modernisation are:

  • servo system
  • control system
  • inductors
  • furnaces

Our team is ready for you.Customer Service

Ismo Rossi

Manager, Customer Service

Satu Huhtala

Sales Executive, Spare Parts

Satu Hanka

Customer Service Specialist

Markus Tähtinen

Customer Service Specialist

Henna Kleemola

Customer Service Specialist

Krista Tuominiemi

Logistics Specialist, Spare Parts

Juan Carlos Bodington

Technical Advisor, Barcelona, Spain

Hüdai Kocabalkanli

Technical Advisor, Istanbul, Turkey

At your service – continuously!Technical Service Team

  • Ismo Rossi
    +358 40 554 7293
  • Ari Mätäsaho
    +358 40 594 0733
  • Mika Anttila
    +358 40 563 9361
  • Juha Jaakola
    +358 40 532 1048
  • Tomi Ruusulaakso
    +358 40 734 6486
  • Tomi Jaakkola
    +358 50 301 5568
  • Juan Carlos Bodington
    +34 662 619 037
  • Hüdai Kocabalkanli
    +90 532 371 9429