Highest quality through close collaboration

Since 1945, RUSS-Elektroofen has been an important supplier in almost 2800 melting plant projects worldwide. The company’s know-how in electrical technology also plays a very important role in the supply chain for UPCAST® continuous casting lines.

When RUSS-lektroofen’s Project Manager Andre Riff describes the company as a “traditional family business”, one might think of a small, local firm operated by a few family members. However, the roots of the company actually go far back in history: RUSS-ELEKTROOFEN PRODUKTIONS GMBH & CO. KG was founded in 1923 in Cologne, Germany and currently the almost hundred-year-old company manufactures transistor converters, furnaces and billet heaters of the highest quality, supplying them for companies throughout the world. RUSS-Elektroofen’s unique ‘recipe’ for transistor converter manufacturing makes it the best company to deliver highquality transistor converters for UPCAST® production lines.

Since 1945, RUSS-Elektroofen has participated in 2,800 melting plant projects. In the beginning, these included resistor heating furnaces, but during the last 30 years the company has shifted its focus into induction furnaces. As a reliable and stable company with a long track record, RUSSElektroofen is a desired collaborator in the industry.

– Our strengths are special expertise in electrics and the ability to manufacture and construct customer-specific products, which are optimized for best efficiency and practical value, Mr Riff says.

RUSS-Elektroofen was founded almost 100 years ago. Since then, they have built thousands of melting plants.

Over 30 joint projects with UPCAST

Collaboration between Upcast and RUSSElektroofen began in 2005. During the 13 years of co-operation, Upcast and RUSS-Elektroofen have completed over 30 joint projects. These have mostly been UPCAST® production lines, which use RUSS-Elektroofen’s inductors and transistor converters – inductors to heat up and maintain the heat of the furnaces, as well as TIV converters to provide, for example, stepless power control. According to Mr. Riff, collaboration has been very easy due to the companies’ shared desire to deliver the highest quality to their customers.

– Direct contact between Upcast and RUSS is utmost important. Meetings take place regularly, upcoming projects are discussed, and the technical expertise can be exchanged for the continuous improvement of the products, Mr Riff explains.

Both Upcast and RUSS-Elektroofen have always worked internationally and, despite the headquarters residing in different countries, distance has never been an obstacle for working closely together.

– Our facilities have been located in Hemer, Germany since 2006, but our operations cover the whole world – like Upcast´s operations, too, Mr Riff declares.

During the 13 years of co-operation, the companies have completed over 30 joint projects.

Long life & low energy consumption

The main reason behind Upcast’s and RUSSElektroofen’s collaboration is – quite clearly – high quality: in the copper and non-ferrous metal branch, RUSS-Elektroofen verifiably boast the inductors with the lowest energy consumption and longest life.

– Our main advantages over our competitors are years of experience, flexibility and the ability to build customized and cost efficient products, Mr Riff points out.

In RUSS-Elektroofen’s case, efficiency does not only mean productivity, but the ratio between consumption and production rates. As the price of energy will probably keep going up in the future, RUSS-Elektroofen sees great potential in developing energy-efficient melting plants.

– Today, melting furnaces consume vast amounts of energy. We will continue to develop our products further, always making them better – also in the sense of minimising consumption, Mr Riff sums up.