Juho Hanka, Sales Manager The best is working and interacting with people

Juho Hanka has advanced quickly from a summer assistant to Sales Manager in project sales. Starting in June he will also have the responsibility for marketing.

– I enjoy working with people and finding solutions suitable for their problems. My aim has always been to be involved with the industrial business´s customer work – and specifically face to face. I am looking forward to having live meetings instead of the Teams, Juho says.

In addition to his excellent interacting skills, one of Juho´s strengths is his experience from diverse areas, which he can utilize in his current job. Juho´s career at UPCAST OY started in 2016 as a summer worker in customer service. After the summer he was offered a permanent position in spare parts sales, and in 2021 he got the opportunity to move into the project sales team.

– Working in project sales was a natural step in my career. The experience in spare parts sales supports this move very well, Juho tells.

With Marketing Manager Hanna-Leena Mäkitalo retiring in the summer, Juho was given the opportunity to add the company’s marketing into his task list.

– The offer was a surprise to me, but right away it was clear that I accepted the challenge. I have studied marketing, which made it feel like a very natural task for me. In project sales you can see the trends and thus better understand the needs in the market  –  this all helps with the correct allocation of various activities. I still have a lot to learn, and I am lucky to have our strong sales team for support, Juho says.

Juho is keen on having new challenges and interesting projects. There will be a lot of traveling after the pandemic.

– Many of our customers know me from my spare parts sales. I can be contacted for any issue and I am happy to help, and when required I will forward the matter to the right person. I have a very low threshold regarding traveling. If the customers want to meet me face to face I am ready to go and meet them, Juho states.

There is also something new and exciting outside work.

– We finally finished a long repair work at home and I rewarded myself with a motorbike, and together with my spouse we will ride around our beautiful Finland next summer, Juho says.