Markus Tähtinen, Logistics Specialist Finding solutions for challenges

The coronavirus pandemic was still going strong when Markus Tähtinen started as Logistics Specialist at UPCAST OY, so it was not a perfect time to begin a new career, but with experience and clear and working inventory management everything has gone well.

Markus started at the company’s customer service in October 2021, and his tasks consist of spare parts orders and their invoicing as well as export documentation.

– Spare parts orders have been quite challenging during the pandemic. The availability of the parts has not been the best, the prices have increased and there have been many delays in the transportations. Luckily, we have a good and working inventory management system and a pretty good idea of our customers´ inventories and their consumption with regard to our supplies, which allows us to also somewhat estimate their needs, Markus says.

– We keep in our inventory both bulk materials and parts, which are critical to the customers´ continuous operation. Taking that into account when balancing and maintaining our inventory amounts, we can shorten the delivery times of the components, Markus states.

– We are frequently looking for new suppliers to solve any new delivery problems. As part of our quality control, we also test the new parts before sending them to the customers.  

The requirements and regulations for exporting vary by country and the issues that need to be considered are very diverse. Markus is constantly in touch with the customers in order for the exports and imports to flow as smoothly as possible. Every day and every case is different.

– Sometimes it is a bit more challenging to get the goods moving to more exotic parts of the world, especially regarding the transportations without standard routes. Then we need to look for alternatives.

Technique interests

Business studies at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) provide a good basis for export work.

– I also included international business studies into my curriculum and that added to my knowledge of e.g., the Incoterms export clauses and other routine tasks, so I did not need to start from zero.

After working several summers at UPCAST, Markus was offered a permanent job last fall. He considers UPCAST to be the right company for himself since he is really interested in the technique.

– In this work it is very useful that you understand the basic technology and operation of the various equipment required in the continuous upward casting process. In my free time I use the same design software as is used here. My interest in technology is so strong that I am considering starting mechanical engineering studies in addition to my work.

In his free time Markus assembles cars and motorcycles. The self-built motorcycles are for his own use.

– One of my hobbies is motocross, and I compete at the amateur level. Since I was a little boy I have built bikes with my Dad. The faster they become the better.