Optimised energy consumption saves money

Energy consumption is the biggest individual cost factor in the production. Typically, it is about 58–67% of the overall costs. What impacts consumption are the furnace type and the inductor attached to it, as well as the lining materials. With the right combination, energy consumption can be minimised.

– It is essential to choose the right combination suitable for each product and capacity. There is always a certain amount of energy loss in the furnace, and if the line is not run with full capacity, the losses increase in relation per produced tonne. Energy usage is always at its most efficient when run with the production rate specifically designed and calculated for the line, says Janne Hosio, Sales Manager.

The capacity requirements vary a lot, and that is why Upcast Oy has designed new sizes of furnaces to meet the different needs of customers.

– We’ve got several sizes of furnaces, and various power inductors can be combined with them. We have designed smaller furnaces for lower capacity requirements and bigger ones for higher demands, and over the years the gaps in size range have been condensed. We can offer the right, cost-efficient solution for all capacities.

Product development work is based on the data received in the field

UPCAST® furnaces are equipped with energy-efficient inductors transferring energy efficiently into the furnace. The power supply can be controlled steplessly, enabling any power range to be used efficiently.

– Power was regulated with rather coarse steps earlier using step transformers. Now with transistor converters we can use exactly the amount of power needed, which also reduces the amount of heat losses. The variation of temperature is also reduced, which saves more energy as well.

UPCAST® has long experience of casting lines, and continuous development work has been done, based on the actual values of existing lines. It has been possible this way to develop a more efficient and wider product range for customers.

– Even a 10% reduction in energy consumption means a remarkable amount of money in production costs, which directly impacts customer competitiveness and the payback time of the investment. Optimising energy consumption also makes the lines more environmentally friendly, Mr Hosio says

”Even a 10% reduction in energy consumption means a remarkable amount of money in production costs.”