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Sustainable success

Seval Kablo has developed rapidly from a small business to one of the key suppliers of high-quality copper products. In 2020, Seval Kablo celebrated its 40th anniversary. “We are proud of our history and what we are today, but even more proud of what we can become”, says Mr. Ahmet Turgut, General Manager at Seval Kablo.

Please tell the readers a bit about your company’s background and its business.  

Seval Kablo was established in 1980 at a 300m² facility. Today, we have six integrated factories with a combined area of 70.000 m², producing around 42 tonnes of copper and 75 tonnes of PVC granule per year. 

We produce a wide range of low and medium voltage cables, and offer more than 100 product types to local and international markets. Since 2014, we’ve been the export leader in our sector. 

Our strength is our human resources and unity: the company is managed by a family, but all of our employees are also considered to be members of the Seval Kablo family.

Looking from your viewpoint, what do you think the market for copper products looks like?

It is impossible not to see the record rise in the value of LME copper. According to analysts, prices could rise even higher over the coming years due to increasing demand, especially in the manufacturing sector. 

The growing demand for renewable energy will increase the demand for copper products. As a recyclable and highly conductive metal, copper is indispensable for green energy, and will become ever more valuable every day.

With the future being ever more electrified and digitalized, high-quality cables will be the core backbone of the world’s energy and telecommunication infrastructures.

What is your position like in the European and the global markets?

Seval Kablo is a market driver not only in Turkey but also in global markets. We export our products to around 90 countries around the world. Our main export area is Europe. 

Our manufacturing systems are established according to international standards – for which we hold more than 10 certificates. This allows us to provide high quality products and services to our customers, develop new products, and contribute to the economy of our country. All of these are driving us up in the European and global markets.  

How do you see your business to develop in the future? 

It is important to improve and harmonize our production practices, try to avoid waste regarding resources and raw materials, and benefit from the company’s expertise. We are, at the moment, building a new production facility, which will be Turkey’s largest integrated area and possibly one of the largest in Europe. During the construction, we have the opportunity to create everything from the ground up as ecologically as possible.

With the future being ever more electrified and digitalized, high-quality cables will be the core backbone of the world’s energy and telecommunication infrastructures. Seval Kablo’s high-performance products meet not only today’s but also tomorrow’s needs.  

What were the most important criteria impacting the decision to buy the UPCAST line? 

The system produces quality rods and allows easy operation through an advanced control system. It also seemed easy to customize according to our own requirements. The most important advantage of the UPCAST system for us was to provide standardization, which is a necessity in our industry. 

The line also provides shorter lead times, environmentally friendly production and lower costs. In addition, UPCAST’s after sales services are responsive, fast and well-informed about the technical details, and lead times for supplying spare parts are perfect.

Has cooperation with UPCAST met your needs? 

We have been using our UPCAST line since the beginning of 2020 and, to date, we are completely satisfied. Before the actual acquisition, our Tech Team created a simulation based on experimental factors, using the values submitted by UPCAST. After going into mass production, we observed that all of the values matched our outputs, and, as a result, we bought the second line.  

The Seval Kablo Tech Team attended UPCAST’s training program in Finland in 2018. Any feedback about the training?  

The upward continuous casting was a new method for our team, and it was crucial to receive detailed training in order to face less problems while performing the trials. The training program helped our team a lot. 

Education and training are very important for Seval Kablo. Our company is a pillar of strength for any employee willing to educate themselves. We have a special protocol – or even partnership – with a university in our region, which launched a department providing education specifically for cable production. This department is sponsored by us, and it ensures the availability of more educated and qualified operators, helping us generate more employment and benefits for our own company, our industry and our country.  •

| TEXT: Totti Toiskallio | PHOTOS: Seval Kablo