Satu Hanka, Customer Service Specialist Managing the overall process

Customer Service Specialist Satu Hanka started her “copper career” producing euro coin billets in the neighboring company of UPCAST OY. Based on her 30-year-long career, she has a very good overall picture of the business.

Satu joined the customer service team after her colleague Juho Hanka (no relation) moved to a new position in project sales in September 2021. Satu´s job consists of multiple phases in the supply chain, from making quotations to shipping the orders.

Satu has been working in the Copper Industrial Park in Pori for 28 years.

– I started at Outokumpu Poricopper, where I worked the first eight years in production, where I made coin billets when the euro became the new EU currency, Satu says.

Over the years there have been many kinds of tasks: she has worked as quality and customer service assistant as well as done mid-phase checkups and shipped materials.

Versatile experience in the business has given her excellent readiness for the current position at UPCAST.

– The task range in this position is vast and diverse. I became well acquainted with international business in my previous job, which is a big advantage. I understand the overall process and can also question something when necessary.

Refreshing dance

Good language skills are required to get the job successfully done. Meeting customers is enriching for Satu.

– Working together with the customers is interesting, and you learn a lot about the various cultures. I speak mostly English with the customers, but it is also possible to converse with me in German.

In her free time Satu likes to go camping, hiking and mountain biking. But one hobby is above all others ever since childhood, and that is dance in its different forms.

– I have danced Bailatino for 18 years and I am also part of a Latino show team. If I have had a challenging day at work, I simply forget all my worries with dance. My dance instructor says that dancing gets your brain – and that is so true, you always leave the dancing lesson as a new person!

Satu’s twin sons turn 19 this year, and as a result she got a new activity added into her free time as she teaches them to drive with a teaching license.

– Everything has gone just fine so far. We are all quite calm and have thus been able to avoid any bigger hustle, Satu laughs.