Five new positions filled in UPCAST® team

We are excited to share our latest hiring and recruitment news. Meet our new faces and some familiar ones too – in their new positions.

 In the beginning of June, UPCAST´s Sales Manager Juho Hanka will take on the responsibility for the marketing in addition to his new project sales activities.
”Many of our customers know me from my spare parts sales. I can be contacted for any issue and I am happy to help, and when required I will forward the matter to the right person. I have a very low threshold regarding traveling and I’m happy to finally meet the customers face to face.”

UPCAST’s new Customer Service Specialist Satu Hanka is a multi-player in the copper industry.

UPCAST’s Logistics Specialist Markus Tähtinen is like a detective looking for routes to the most exotic places for deliveries.

Attitude counts, says UPCAST’s Administrative Manager Jenni Puskala. ”I was an entrepreneur for ten years and I still highly appreciate the entrepreneurial mindset and attitude to doing things. All in all, no matter what degree or career you have, the right kind of attitude is the one that matters the most.”

Mikko Vatka, who has been a project engineer for 5 years at UPCAST, started in February as a Customer Service Specialist. “I am proud of the long history of UPCAST technology and long-term customer relations.”